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two steps towards make believe ★

sandaljunkie. 27 years. girlfriend. mother. aspie.

LIKING tea. rainy days. old houses. words. magazines. cross stitching. cuddles. woollen socks. t-shirts. piercings. tattoos. cupcakes. jogging. aquarelles. sandals [duh]. fanlistings. sequins. lace. oxford heels. big brother uk. writing letters. silence. burgundy. olive green. sketching. icons. message boards. feminism. veggie food. storms. paperbacks.

DISLIKING cold. unfinished things. hurry in the mornings. mornings in general. queueing. horror movies. pastels. heatwaves. judgemental people. bad luck.

CURRENTLY OBSESSING ben & jerry's cookie dough ice cream. big brother uk. lush. jogging. baby stuff. mint licorice.

Lily of Ravenclaw